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David Barnes

Strong and effective, with some considerations.

I can tell the C is encapsulated much better and that it is therefore more potent. I did have some digestive issues for about two-three days after I first started taking, which I also had with my DIY, but they have gone away. There are routine side effects to high dose Vitamin C that one needs to be aware of, particularly when it is absorbing as well as this appears to do. Among other things, it could sometimes act as a diuretic and your body will eliminate water and sodium at a faster rate. Be sure to drink more fluids, preferably with electrolytes, 

Ms Greer

Probably one of the best liposomal vitamin C products. No additives. Bland taste. Excellent value.

Board Room Liposomal Vitamin C (in a liquid form) is well worth the money. Probably my #1 supplement after all these years which is hard for even me to believe.
#1 Consistency in liquid form is correct for a liposomal without fillers or additives or sugars.
#2 The taste is bland with a touch of sunflower and a little tartness from the Vitamin C; no big deal
#3 No sugars which inhibit the uptake of Vitamin C
#4 Glass container; no plastic.
#5 Liposomal Vitamin C is about 90% bio-available versus 15-20% for powders.
#6 Arrives cold or cool wrapped in foil well protected from breakage. Fast delivery.
#7 Sunflower base; no soy
#8 Liquid; not a powder (liposomals should be a liquid in a gel or container; never a powder.)

Sandy Smith

Absolute fantastic product. ( one of those thing that can save mankind...)
On the 4 th bottle. yes, taste like lecithin and ascorbin sav together because that what is inside of it.

That was one of the best thing I ever done to my body.
I had no idea I have a lots of mercury build up un my 52 years old body.. but when I was on 18.000 mg.. gosh a miracle happened, a mercury was literally coming out of my mouth when I washed my teeth, and then was amazing, I was thinking more way clearly, my sleeping became a total dream, I mean , very deep and easy wake up at the morning. I given a try to my neighbor who is 72, was funny, I mean first he was skeptical didnt like the natural taste.. but when he felt more energy, clearer thinking and less tiredness... was funny.... finally he ordered it too.. s much good change so he decided buying his own machine to make it at home.

John Wilson

Vitamin C and Me, and BoardRoom Makes Three

For purposes of this review I'll assume that those who are looking for the best form of liposomal vitamin c are already convinced of the overall benefits of vitamin c therapy. What we are talking about here is a quality product at a reasonable price, with some mention of factors like extra ingredients and taste. First, nobody has been able to convince me that viable liposomal vitamin c comes in any form other than liquid. Second, there seems to be considerable (and I think unfounded) consensus that a good product will almost always cost around a dollar per gram. This seems strange since different manufacturers make quite different claims about their own techniques, whether or not soy should be used, and how much of a factor phosphatidylcholine (PC) is. Third, some reviewers and some manufacturers pay attention to taste, and (less frequently) to the use of preservatives. I'm not a scientist or health care professional, but I have been an attentive user of supplements and a caretaker of my own health for many years, and a pretty good reader of labels. I've tried eight different brands of LVC, and am convinced that BoardRoom Organics makes the best product for the money. It contains everything you need and nothing you don't need. If you want sweet taste, buy some candy. It has no preservatives (the leading seller on Amazon contains alcohol, which seems ridiculous to me). And it costs almost 50% less per gram than the other leading brands. It also comes well packaged and well protected. I am a four-time buyer and have received nothing from anyone to write this review. It's a good product and I recommend it.

Gio Wegmarn

I love love love this product!

I love this company, love the product!
After trying different types of brands for the vitamin c liposomal, I can finally say, I found the best product and an amazing company.
The shipping is fast, the costumer service great, effective and caring and the product is a high quality one.
I can write more and more but not sure you will follow my long review so to make long story short I highly recommend this brand, you will be very happy and healthy with this choice.

Denise Henry

Quality product with some minor flaws

I'm new to liposomal Vitamin C (been taking regular for years.) This tastes like castor oil and lemon juice but is tolerable for the 3 seconds it takes to ingest it. I think it is helping so I can certainly tolerate it. One thing to note is that they put the "Refrigerate after Opening" in the ingredients on the label and not anywhere else on the label, nor on the shipping box. I didn't refrigerate it for 3 days before I noticed this. I will say that when I contacted BoardRoom Organics (on a Sunday night) they were fantastic! They got back to me immediately, that night, to sort out if it was still good to take and told me not to worry, that they would help me out. It turned out fine. I think the product is very high quality. I'm only giving it 4 stars for 3 reasons: The taste ( which is par for the course in a liposomal Vit. C products w/o sugar), the fact that the refrigeration notice is not prominent, and that although it is in a nice glass jar, it is messy to get a tablespoon out of . It would be nicer if it were in a jar with a smaller opening you could easily pour it out of.

Robert W. Lindley

Best Liposomal I’ve ever bought

I’ve been using the Lipso that comes in the pouch for years - but this Ultimate Lipso is so much easier and a little cheaper - with the Ultimate Lipo I am doing a higher dosage of C - I’m taking it along with their Glutathione - I can actually feel the difference after just 4 day of taking it. It is hard to explain just a little more spring in my step - the sun is a little brighter - the air is a little fresher. Try Ordering durning the cooler months put into the refrigerator right after receiving it. I’m going to order enough to get me through the hot summer months here in Houston Texas. I just feel like the heat from the brown UPS trucks durning the summer month would deteriorate this great produce.

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