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David Barnes

Makes my skin glow!

I started taking a tablespoon of BoardRooms Liposomal Vitamin C because I get chronic sore throats. Let me tell you, it not only cured my sore throat dilemma....IT MADE MY SKIN GLOW!! I looked down on my hands and my hands were smoother, the cuticle and extra skin...ALL GONE! This stuff is MAGIC IN A JAR!
BoardRoom is an excellent company. They take time and a lot of effort to carefully package each Beautiful Glass Jar of “Magic” to ensure the product arrives at the right temperature and glass unbroken. Love the Love and Care they take.
If you've ever taken vitamin C and couldn't tell if it was working, you weren't taking BoardRooms Liposomal Vitamin C!
Order it and “C” for yourself!

Ms Green

Probably one of the best liposomal vitamin C products. No additives. Excellent value.

I ordered this because I’m a big believer in liposomal vitamin C, and I’ve been using another very popular brand but was not comfortable with the alcohol they used in it. I ordered this not really knowing what to expect. It has blown me away. I felt my energy and mental clarity increase almost right away, the skin in my face felt almost flushed like it was reaching all the cells in my body. I’m very impressed and am sticking with this!

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