The Anti-Aging Serum  is very creamy and has a very sweet “Natural” vanilla aromtherapy smell. Unlike most Anti-Aging Serums on the market this product is all natural and does NOT use chemicals or emulsifers.

To remove fine lines and wrinkles,
We recommend using it the following ways:
– In the morning. It even works under makeup (we thank our loyal customers for that feedback) .
– Before sun exposure (spf 0) to prevent the sun drying your skin and preventing wrinkles.
– After hot shower when pores are open, pat your face to get blood flowing and apply
– When skin feels like it needs moisture

B.R.O. Anti-Aging Serum is made from natural or soft organic ingredients
Great research on Anti-Aging Serum is found here

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4 reviews for Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum- 2 OZ.


    I’m an executive in my mid-forties. I have always worked hard to look good by exercising and eating right, but lately I have been noticing some wrinkles around my mouth and eyes that make me long much older. Since I never wanted to get plastic surgery, I thought that there was nothing I could do about it until a friend of mine told about this product.
    I have been using the product for a few months now and it has worked surprisingly well. The wrinkles are beginning to fade and the texture of my skin has improved significantly.
    Overall, I’m glad that I tried this product and I highly recommend it.


    Unbelievable product. It removed my fine lines within weeks just use has directed. I love wearing serum under my makeup- it helps keep my makeup fresh and in place. I highly recommend!!!

    Troy Pirello

    Troy Pirello – October 14, 2014:
    I was on the fence, but i am glad I bought. My wife has complimented that my face looks really good lately. I will buy another jar for her birthday coming up.
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    John (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

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