Ultimate Liposomal Vitamin C – 2.0

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(22 customer reviews)
 (We are happy to introduce our 2.0 version as of March 2016) Now better then ever!

The finest all natural Liposomal Vitmain C- NO preservatives EVER.

Increase immune response – increase infection fighting – lowering of cortisol – mental clarity – increase nutrient absorption – weight loss. These are just a few benefits from taking Liposomal Vitmian C regularly.

Ultimate C is easily digested, absorbed, and used by the body. Adding this to your supplements can really give you an edge. Consuming with other supplements and food can help the absorption of those nutrients.

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Ultimate Liposomal Vitamin C requires refrigeration (even unopened jars).

We recommend using it the following ways:

–  First thing in the morning 1 or 2 tblsp.
– 2-4 tblsp on the onset of cold.
– Can be taken at night to de-stress via lowering of cortisol.
– 1 teaspoon for kids mixed in juice- this is a life saver.

B.R.O. Ultimate Liposomal C is Non-GMO and uses the finest ingredients.

Great research on Ultimate Liposomal Vitamin C is found here: http://www.naturalnews.com/034591_vitamin_C_mega-dose_healing.html#

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22 reviews for Ultimate Liposomal Vitamin C – 2.0

  1. Mary

    (verified owner)
    I was told about this product and am I am happy I gave it a try!!!thanks

  2. Dan B

    (verified owner)
    Really good stuff!!!I am recommending it to my co-workers right now…

  3. Crystal Romero

    (verified owner)
    Hi Guys! I met you at the event last month and have been taking your products. I am hear to say “WoW” it really works well for me and my family. Muchas Gracias!!!!
    Crystal R.
    Miami, Florida

  4. Kim M

    (verified owner)
    I have been ordering through Ebay and have been very happy with your Ultimate Liposomal C. I am glad to be ordering directly now. It has made a huge difference in my home. Thanks Again!!! I hope you come up with something for sleep that is just as good!
    Kim M.
    Sleepless in Seattle

  5. Jim J

    (verified owner)
    I will purchase again. Yes, I do recommend the vitamin C. Jim in San Diego

  6. Cynthia Rodriguez

    (verified owner)
    Am using their Vitamin C successfully to combat adrenal fatigue with several other vitamins, and am feeling better. I will keep purchasing!

  7. Mike

    (verified owner)
    It is a must have. I would not do without…

  8. D.Olsen

    (verified owner)
    This company really got it right!!!
    Including the glass bottle…
    Tastes better then the rest in my opinion.

  9. Jerry M

    (verified owner)
    I really like this product!A+++++++
    Has worked for my allergies, I feel it working for arthritis which I have read that it helps.
    Jerry M.

  10. Ronda

    (verified owner)
    I liked the fact that they answered all my questions via email, so I purchased a bottle of the Ultimate Vitamin C. I can honestly say I really noticed a difference the next day.Keep up the good work! Ronda R.

  11. Tamara

    (verified owner)
    Seems like it worked for me, very fast shipping, will buy again.

  12. Brenda V.

    (verified owner)
    I finally got my family to use the Ultimate Liposomal Vitamin C!!!!And they are liking the results as much as I have.Thanks, Board Room Organics:)
    Brenda V.

  13. Audrey B.

    (verified owner)
    A product I highly recommend for allergies to everyone. I do not car for the taste all that much. However, with the results I am so pleased. Keep up the good work Board Room Organics:)

  14. Roger Shavlik

    (verified owner)
    Thank you Board Room Organics for a “GREAT” Product!
    Roger Shavlik

  15. Richard S

    (verified owner)
    I second my brother on the “GREAT” product!!
    Thanks Again!!!!!
    Richard Shavlik

  16. Brian R

    (verified owner)
    Great product! I highly recommend it! Had a stubborn health condition ongoing for about a decade which would not go away no matter what I tried. After taking this product three times a day for a week the condition began to recede and now ( 2 weeks later ) it’s all but gone. Also energy level has shot way up – I’m on my feet all day long at work – usually 11 hrs – no problem now. I’m 64 years young and this product has worked wonders for me. It definitely is a “must have”!

  17. Donna

    (verified owner)
    I love, love, LOVE this product! It is a sure way to beat cold and flu season, but not only that, it is great for keeping your immune system up! Thank you for making it gmo free!
    I think that is a must!

  18. Will S

    (verified owner)
    All I can say- awesome!

  19. Bonnie Long

    (verified owner)
    Larger jar! For two to share. ..

  20. Will S

    Great Value!!!!My family thanks you!

  21. t p

    Great stuff

  22. tommy

    Awesome stuff!!!

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