Board of Advisors

Scientific Advisory Board

Cate Shanahan, M.D.

Dr. Shanahan is a board certified Family Physician and author of Deep Nutrition. She is a Cornell University trained genetic researcher with over two decades of clinical experience. Dr. Shanahan consults with the LA Lakers where her work as the team’s Nutrition Director has been featured by the NBA, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and CBS.

Jos Prickaerts, PhD

Dr. Prickaerts is neurobiologist and lead researcher at Maastricht University in the Dept. of Neuroscience focusing on signal transduction and plasticity, in particular the role of phosphodiesterases (PDEs) and growth factors. Dr. Prickaerts received a Ph.D. on Memory Formation, Neurodegeneration and Drugs at Maastricht University.

Tommy Wood, M.D., PhD

Dr. Wood is the Chief Scientific Officer for the Physicians and Ancestral Health Society, and has lectured at many international conferences on the effect of diet and nutrition on health and chronic disease. He received his M.D. from Oxford University, a degree in Biochemistry from Cambridge University, and a Ph.D. in Neonatal Brain Metabolism from the University of Oslo.

Regan Archibald, LAc, Dipl OM

Regan Archibald is the founder of the award winning clinic East West Health, one of the few clinics in the Nation to successfully integrate traditional Eastern medicine, stem cell therapy, and functional medicine. He is also the founder of Go Wellness which is a training and mentorship team for healthcare practitioners. Regan Archibald received his Masters of Science from the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii.

Business & Industry Advisors

Scott Sensebrenner

Growth Advisor

Mr. Sensenbrenner is the CEO of Enzymedica, the #1 selling enzyme brand with more than 50 industry awards. Prior to joining Enzymedica, Sensenbrenner served as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Thorne Research. Mr. Sensenbrenner is a Member of the Board of Directors of Roskamp Institute, a cutting-edge scientific research center working to discover effective new therapies to successfully treat diseases of the mind and to promote healthy aging.

Edward Lee, PhD

Supply Chain Advisor

Mr. Lee is the President & CEO of AIDP, Inc. Founded in 1996, AIDP is one of the largest natural ingredient suppliers in the dietary supplement industry. AIDP is the exclusive distributor of Magtein, the only form of magnesium shown to elevate brain levels of magnesium and improve learning and memory (Magtein is the featured ingredient in Natural Stacks’ MagTech product).

Rick Cesari

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Mr. Cesari is the Founder and CEO of Cesari Media, considered one of the best brand-building, response-generating agencies in North America. He has helped build many iconic brands such as Juiceman, Sonicare, The George Foreman Grill, Rug Doctor, OxiClean and has taken companies, like GoPro, from a start-up to a billion dollar company in less than six years.

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